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For more information on applying for a library card, or to download an application, please click below. 

We have two meetings rooms available for rent. For more information or to request meeting room space, please click below.

Donate Books

Donate to the Gray Public Library Association


Other Services

In addition to loaning materials to patrons, the Gray Public Library offers the following services to all individuals:


Computer Access

Computers are available for patron and guest use, printing is .25 a page.



A wireless connection is available in the library.



A black and white copier is available for use, there is a .25 charge per page.



$1.00 per page.

Receiving Faxes: You can have a fax sent to the Gray Public Library for $1.00 per page. Please call the library at 657-4110 to let us know you are expecting a fax.


Meeting Space

Two rooms available for rent. Please view additional information here.

Library Mission and Policies

Mission Statement

The Gray Public Library's mission is to offer all citizens an information center that provides a balanced collection of books, access to current technology, and a dynamic and well trained staff, all in a facility that is both functional and user friendly. The goal is to serve the complex educational and intellectual needs of the community and to encourage lifelong learning.


Library Organizations

Gray Public Library Association

Gray Public Library Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It has been formed for the following purposes:

  • To support the programs and activities of the Gray Public Library;

  • To solicit bequests and gifts of books, manuscripts, money or other appropriate materials to supplement the library budget;

  • To raise funds for capital improvements to the Gray Public Library's facilities; and,

  • To educate the public about the Gray Public Library, about libraries in general and about other topics.

To find out more about the Gray Public Library Association or about giving to the Gray Library, please visit their website here.


Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees is a seven member advisory board appointed by the Town Council. This board works with the Library Director to develop policies and procedures that affect the library. They also work with the Library Director to develop, promote and support the annual budget requests of the library. This group also examines alternative funding sources such as grants and other types of fundraising.

The Board of Trustees meets on the fourth Tuesday of every other month at 6:30 P.M. These meetings are open to any members of the community. Community input is welcome.

Karen Morrison, Chair (Term expires 2025)

Kiersten Scarpati, Secretary (Term expires 2024)

Patricia Larrabee (Term expires 2024)

Kristi Lamoureux (Term expires 2024)

Cathy Janelle (Term expires 2025)

Matthew Hight, Council Liaison


For more information

Gray Public Library Staff

Joshua Tiffany, Director

Andrea Kazilionis, Youth Services Librarian

Marie Morey, Head of Circulation

Donna Gerardo, Circulation Assistant

Carla McAllister, Circulation Assistant

Contact Us

5 Hancock Street

Gray, Maine 04039

207.657.4110 (T)

207.657.4138 (F)


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